An automated and safe way to exchange small items during uncertain times



This year has clearly shown us how important it is to find easy solutions for people’s safety.
You are the owner of the Airbnb apartment that wants to save time and wants to avoid personal contact in giving away your keys.
What is the solution? SNIKEY is a system that allows you to reserve a collection of items placed in SNIKEYbox using the application.
Mateusz and Hubert will explain where the idea for SNIKEYbox came from, how it supports the automation process of renting vehicles or apartments and how its use has increased in the context of the virus epidemic.


Hubert Stuczyński and Mateusz Wajda

Hubert Stuczyński and Mateusz Wajda

founders of the SNIKEY

Hubert Stuczyński and Mateusz Wajda are founders of the SNIKEY company that offers solutions supporting rental of apartments and cars, including the SNIKEYbox device. They gained experience both in the consulting industry and in running their own businesses in the commercial and IT industries.
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