How FIWARE Open Source Technology Can Make a Difference in Reacting Ad-hoc to Extreme Situations



FIWARE is known for its ability and speed to address urgent challenges and the needs of society, companies and public administrations. The need for ready-to-use solutions, based on Open Source and open standards principles – to help automate data sharing – continues to grow rapidly. This has, once again, become evident during the current COVID-19 pandemic. More and more sharing tools are available, driven by Open Source principles, allowing relevant parties to access existing solutions as well as build on top of widely available ‘off the shelf’ solutions. Moreover, these days are also a test case for data safety and cybersecurity, especially when handling health and personal data. Following Open Source principles, FIWARE solutions enjoy an extraordinary level of trust.


Andrea Cruciani

Andrea Cruciani

CEO & Co-Founder of TeamDev s.r.l., Member of FIWARE Foundation BoD

Andrea worked for 15 years in development of enterprise systems, skilling for Multimedia Applications (online streaming platforms) and Internet of Things (IoT). His main experience fields are Multidevice Applications Development, Enterprise Architectures, Cloud Computing and GIS. He is also a Senior Analyst, and researcher for Smart Cities and Innovative Startup Evolution.
Lanfranco Marasso

Lanfranco Marasso

Program Director at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa

Lanfranco is currently the Smart City Program Director at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica spa ( – Italy). He has been involved in management roles (CEO, CIO) in private companies at national and international level (Boston, MA, USA). In 1999 he moved from private to public sector as CIO of Municipality of Parma (Italy), and then to Engineering. Since 2009 he has been working in R&D Department looking at the technological transfer from Research to Innovation to the Market.
Roberto Di Bernardo

Roberto Di Bernardo

Senior Researcher and Head of the Open Government Group

Roberto Di Bernardo, Senior Researcher and Head of the Open Government Group (part of Open Public Service Innovation Lab). Electronic Engineer. In 2014, he got a Master in “Clinical Engineering” from University of Trieste, while in 2003 a Master in “Internet Software Engineering” from University of Catania. Since 2004 he has been working in Engineering R&D Laboratory. Involved in management and technical activities in many European projects, he is now working as R&D opportunity and networking developer for OPSI lab. He is involved in the leadership of BDVA TF7.SG8 (Smart Governance and Smart Cities) and is co-leader of Water & ICT working group in Water Europe.
Guiomar Tuñón de Hita

Guiomar Tuñón de Hita

R&D and QA Manager

Guiomar Tuñón de Hita, R&D and QA Manager at Naeva Tec which mission is to provide flexibility and capacity to mobilize communication services using the latest technologies in web and mobility.W Naeva Tec is part of the Kurento & OpenVidu projects, an Open Source media delivery and processing server and an Open Source platform to ease the addition of video calls, video streams and video/audio processing in your web or mobile application.
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