How SMEs can improve their agility & resilience with advanced manufacturing



The market environment is changing at an unprecedented speed today. COVID-19 has an enormous impact, but the exponential increase in innovation and disruption of the past 20 years already makes us live in a VUCA-world (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) for a while. This means that (traditional) companies have to reinvent the way they do business to be successful, adopting digitization, lifecycle thinking, and human-centred organization methodologies.

The ADvanced MAnufacturing Support Centre (ADMA) offers manufacturing SMEs a balanced, holistic methodology introducing breakthrough thinking towards a Factory of the Future mind-set – manufacturing companies embracing Industry 4.0 opportunities adopting advanced manufacturing solutions and social innovation strategies to become more more competitive and sustainable.


Paul Peeters

Paul Peeters

Lead Expert

Paul Peeters works as Lead Expert at Agoria’s Innovation Centre of Expertise, is the ADMA coordinator and has led the development of the European methodology for advanced manufacturing. He guided the transition of a Belgian SME manufacturing plastic and aluminum window frames towards a private equity ownership. He worked 20 years at Philips.
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