The future of Internet: The world of tomorrow is on its way



In these times, the Next Generation Internet is driving current technological revolution and ensuring the progressive adoption of advanced concepts and methodologies spanning the domains of artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, interactive technologies and more, while contributing to making the future internet more human-centric. Join the panel where the NGI representatives will sit in conversation with us, discovering how to make the future Internet more inclusive, human-centric and trustworthy.


Katherine Anderson

Katherine Anderson

Expert writer and community builder

Katherine Anderson, Communications and Community Manager at Martel Innovate, supporting the European Commission’s NGI and NGIoT initiatives, as well as projects supporting Smart Cities and AI in line with European values of privacy, trust and security. Katherine worked with the UN for 11 years in Human Rights, Health, Water and Sanitation and Environmental Data to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She worked as a radio broadcast journalist for the BBC and holds a Masters in International Affairs and a Human Rights Law Diploma.
Oliver Sauter

Oliver Sauter

Co-founder and CEO of

Oliver Sauter is the co-founder and CEO of The company is developing privacy focused knowledge tools to help people cope with information overload in their online research. Their mission is to build the Next Generation Internet made for collaboration and human connection. Read More:
Tuukka Ylälahti

Tuukka Ylälahti

CEO & Co-founder of Mesensei

Tuukka Ylälahti, CEO & Co-founder of Mesensei, a decentralised Next Generation Internet platform for communities, is a startup entrepreneur, business angel, advisor and a mentor specialised in platform strategies with global reach. Back in 2009, he created the vision and forged the founding team for Cabforce which grew to become the world’s leading taxi pre-booking platform with over 200 locations.
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