The power of viral misinformation and fake news in COVID-19



As a coronavirus continues to infect an increasing amount of people worldwide, experts are fighting the spread of another contagion, misinformation. It can lead to dangerous health outcomes when there’s no trusted source of truth, from increased infections to bleach ingestion. In this webinar you will learn how false claims about COVID can impact us, what are the main challenges with fact checking, and why is there a need for a universal fact checking knowledge base.


Daveed Benjamin

Daveed Benjamin

American technologist and children’s writer

Daveed Benjamin is an American technologist and children’s writer. But his most important identifier is Papa. Since BS and MS in Engineering at Stanford, he has had leadership roles in startups, nonprofits, and social enterprises in emergent fields. As a “Shift Shaper,” his work focuses on collective wisdom and altering systems of consciousness for positive impact. Now as founder and CEO of WisdomTech startup Bridgit, Daveed’s focus is decentralizing knowledge & building collective intelligence.
David Seoane

David Seoane

Programme Manager at FundingBox

David Seoane is a Programme Manager at FundingBox with over 11 years of experience on Fundraising in EU programmes, including proposal preparation and evaluation, partner search and networking in INNOVATION funding programmes: H2020, INTERREG, ERASMUS+, and LIFE Experience, among others. Managing several EU funded projects under different initiatives: Next Generation Internet (NGI4ALL, eSSIF-Lab, NGI POINTER), Smart connectivity, Smart manufacturing and Smart grids (INTERCONNECT, DIMOFAC, INTEGRADDE).
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